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Our Intellectual Property

We are proud to showcase a range of innovative solutions developed by our team. At IDETIKA, we prioritise research and collaboration. We conduct internal research and maintain ongoing research programs with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) to further contribute to the domains mentioned below. Explore our intellectual property solutions and see how our innovations can benefit your organisation.


Digital Twin IP

Our Road Ranger Software-in-the-loop and Hardware-in-the-loop Simulation Environments have proven their value in allowing end-to-end integration and pre-tuning of control systems prior to site testing. Our simulations used in the WestConnex Motorway integration and commissioning have revolutionised the processes and minimised onsite testing times.  FIND OUT MORE >

Requirements Assurance Management

We supply whole of project Requirements Assurance Services with dashboards summarising progressive system compliance during design and then during testing and commissioning, using Atlassian’s toolset JIRA which we have adapted to the task – the result is a web based Assurance environment that is regularly inspected by any of the Project Stakeholders, including Independent Reviewers and End Clients, providing a new level of visibility of this critical factor in client comfort concerning risk.

We have provided Assurance Services on three of the WestConnex Motorway stages in Sydney and are currently deploying at the North East Link project in Melbourne.

Realtime Procedural Trainer

Highly capable Realtime Procedural Trainer we currently have under development for the North East Link Project in Victoria. This will be a critical system for training Operators in seldom-used processes for critical incident management including fires etc. It also provides training sequences to Operators to handle failures in Plant whereby instructors can insert faults in the simulated Plant being operated by the trainee Operators.

AI based Situation Awareness

A control system for Control Room videowalls, providing automatic wall reconfiguration to effectively display critical information when system abnormalities arise

AI-based Predictive Maintenance Forecasting System

A system that provides progressive awareness on Operator screen videowalls, and alarms to the operations and maintenance team.

Augmented Reality Systems

Designed for training, operating, and maintenance task fronts where specialised goggles are worn to allow normal “real” vision of environments with overlaid “augmentation data” which, depending on the context, may include annotations, prompts, equipment asset numbers, maintenance manual content etc.

Digital Twin IP

Introducing Road Ranger, a simulation suite that accurately replicates tunnel aerodynamics, traffic control devices, and environmental factors like traffic, temperatures, water, smoke, and pollution to provide realistic dynamic values for defined scenarios.

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We would love to provide you with further information about our Intellectual Property and address any inquiries you may have. 

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