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Road Ranger Simulator

Digital Twin For Motorways/Tunnels


Road Ranger is a simulation suite that replicates the aerodynamics of the air mass throughout a tunnel including all inlet and exhaust paths, along with the functions and performance of all of the Tunnel Plant and traffic control devices, and simulates the environment including traffic levels, temperatures, water inflows, smoke (in the case of fire) and pollution levels, such that the dynamic values presented by the simulator represent actual values of defined scenarios within a few percent of actual figures.

 Operator/s <--> Operations Control System <--> Road Ranger

This highly accurate and flexible simulation is utilised in a number of ways to optimise the development process for Infrastructure Assets, and their subsequent value during operations, in several ways:

  • A mockup of the intended design of a Control system using parameterised software building blocks is run against the plant and environment simulation to test the intended control system at the design stage to pursue stability issues, tune control loop parameters at a first level, and pass a confident design to the implementation team.

  • The developed Control System software is run against the simulation suite to fully test the control system end-to-end in as many scenarios as required to prove its functionality and performance, prior to any testing when installed on-site. By simulating many of the plant control systems, full end-to-end integration testing is possible in the lab.

  • During on-site commissioning tests, any changes to the control system required by issues uncovered, can be regression tested offsite in the lab prior to retest, to minimise onsite testing times.

  • During Motorway operations, the digital twin can be run against the control system in the lab, to predict the Operational effects of desired changes to the overall Motorway operations, and choosing an optimum change prior to implementing on site. This may include pursuit of efficiencies by fine tuning ventilation fan operating times, changing traffic speeds, trial changes to time-of-day settings etc.

  • Again during Motorway operations, the Road Ranger Digital Twin is combined with a copy of the Operations Control System, to create a realtime Procedural Trainer for Operations staff.

  • Finally, an operating version of Road Ranger can be put in operation to act as an operational backup to the Plant inputs that drive the Control System, in the event of failures in certain critical equipment types.

  • Idetika has embarked on the addition of an AI layer to Road Ranger to predict likely operational degradation if specified action is not taken, and other value adding operational analysis functions.


All of the above measures make the Road Ranger digital twin a critical addition to your suite of  Infrastructure management systems.


Road Ranger will drive the value of your assets upwards. 

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