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Your unique business
and our know how

iDETIKA is a company that specialises in developing and operating distributed transaction processing systems for various applications such as Transport, Logistics, Health, Financial Services, and Infrastructure Development. Our architectural approach focuses on providing low-cost, high-integrity, and scalable solutions in real-time computer systems.

iDETIKA is a powerhouse

in all aspects of realtime systems engineering, development, integration and operational support of Motorway operating systems. Idetika manages developments on behalf of clients with the delivery responsibility of major projects, and also offers specific technology components required for the systems engineering and integration requirements of these major projects.

Our team have specialist skills and knowledge in:

Intellectual Property

Our growing arsenal of Intellectual Property developed on the above principles allows us to readily add value to your business. 

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At iDETIKA we combine advanced science, emerging technology and business domain knowledge in game-changing ways for your business

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Our team specialises in the application of Information Technology to a set of target businesses to provide game-changing business improvements.

We do this in several ways


Optimising your IT investment
accessing our IT resources means minimal upfront and running costs for you...


Providing impressive cost effectiveness with regular and predictable expenses and financial transparency...


Leadership in Big Data real time analysis and extraction of key business signals to drive improved results...


Deliver scalability without spiralling costs bcapping costs as

your business grows...


Adapt to your business environment we are domain experts and provide expert business and technical support...
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We would love to provide you with further information about our expertise and address any inquiries you may have. Feel free to ask us anything!

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