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Working with you to enhance your real-time systems development, or refining an established system.

Our Services

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At iDETIKA, we have extensive experience and knowledge in creating reliable distributed systems at scale. We offer your company our expertise and intellectual property to give you a competitive advantage. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering excellent service and advancing iDETIKA.


Since 2014, we have been a leader in complex real-time system engineering and systems delivery. We help organisations with system transformation and simulation projects, using our methodology framework for safe, efficient, and predictable responsiveness that aligns with business requirements.


With our broad experience and ongoing research and development, we can successfully serve you in various ways, whether or not you utilise our Intellectual Property (IP). iDETIKA develops its own IP in multiple domains, establishing best practices in development, operations, maintenance, and continuous improvement to ensure future-proofing and risk mitigation.

System Specifiations Dev
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System Specifications Development

What are the critical functions you need to perform your business the way you want to, what is the minimum performance you need from the system, and how do we specify your business continuity needs? You will already know some or most of these things – we can help you complete these and frame them properly into a formal specification that can be traced throughout a supply contract to give you confidence the system is going to be delivered adequately.

Tender Management
Tender Management

iDETIKA can formalise your procurement, along with the technical and commercial risks and strategies to manage these via your contract clauses.  We will ensure your supply contract is earned value, meaning you generally only pay for realised outcomes you are happy with, as distinct from effort. We will evaluate tenders, provide you a thorough analysis and clear recommendation, with explicit reasons, and work with you to make a final decision.

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Project Management
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Project Management

Forward plans with substance, earned value technical and financial progress, progressive assurance that the design and development will meet your requirements, and thorough integration, commissioning and whole-of-life support enablement will all come dependably with iDETIKA managing the programme.

Systems Engineering
Systems Engineering

iDETIKA has a deep knowledge base and experience in formal Systems Engineering practice, and can either contribute engineering capacity, or run the disciplines on your behalf. Whether it be Requirements Definition, Assurance functions, RAM program, Cyber Security program to protect your Critical Infrastructure, System Safety programme, Human Factors considerations, Architectural Analysis and Interface Specification, we understand the critical factors embodied in these disciplines and how their results need to be managed downstream to make a system development successful.

Monitoring Room
Systems Assuance
Architects at Work
System Assurance

Our System Assurance Plan clearly defines the Business Requirements and our approach for allocating these requirements to the System Design. Our Project Governance includes facilitating regular Project Status Reports to track development against plan. Before the system is built, you will understand the design reflects what you asked for at a much more detailed level than your specification. We do this be ensuring the detailed design is specified to control all aspects of your system safety, efficiency, supportability, and predictability.


Following design, we will trace the design in detail to verification test results that prove the end system does all it was designed to.


As the Client, you will have as much visibility and understanding as you desire, without the need to delve down into the technical detail to know. iDETIKA will provide you summary dashboards throughout the project, that will accurately reflect the growing compliance level during design and then development, integration and commissioning.

Development Management
Development Management

Development must be recorded as a process under quality standards, and also must also be audited to be assured. 


iDETIKA will ensure that the detailed development plans will cover process detail to ensure team focus and allow for compliance to ISO9001 recording. We will sufficiently audit the processes and records to be satisfied the development is on track. We will do this either in conventional or agile environments.

Business Planning
Commissioning Management
Construction Engineer
Commissioning Management and Supervision

iDETIKA understands the need for stepwise integration at the system level to minimise issues occurring at formal commissioning when costs can be very high and corrective action very expensive.  We also understand that Commissioning of a system can be done in a variety of approaches each with its own dependencies and timetables. iDETIKA can optimise the Commissioning programme whilst ensuring all Client needs are formally demonstrated at the optimum time, with successful results not put at risk by changes having to be made to system elements after formal testing.


iDETIKA will enforce a strong independence of the Commissioning Team from the Development Team, to minimise the change of any lack of diligence in the Commissioning process.

Risk Management
Risk Management

Sound Risk Management is based on both proper process and extensive experience. iDETIKA’s effective risk management process guides and challenges the Team to ensure all significant risks have been considered in determining a programme of works that will meet cost and schedule.

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iDETIKA is skillful in identifying the technical risks in Systems Development, and devising mitigation plans to take these risks out as early as possible. Often that means creating prototypes of small components of the systems early, to ensure the formal programme is structured around proven concepts. 


iDETIKA has detailed experience in prototype delivery and can guide a Team through this process. The aim is of course for all Stakeholders to have confidence in the development programme timing as early as feasible in the project. Often iDETIKA IP is utilised in these prototyping exercises.

System Delivery
System Delivery

iDETIKA has its own established Intellectual Property base on which it delivers systems encompassing this IP. iDETIKA’s R&D developments are referenced below.  Our approach is always to leverage the latest in technology developments in hardware and software, to increasingly bring more productivity and efficiency to your business. More information can be found on our website.

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We would love to provide you with further information about our services and address any inquiries you may have. Feel free to ask us anything!

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