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Our intellectual property allows us to readily add value and elevate your business

Our Solutions

Optimise your IT investment

Our IT services are tailored to meet your unique needs. Our team specialises in managing IT systems that are spread across different locations, require quick response times, and can adjust to your evolving demands while maintaining exceptional service quality.

You can expect top-notch availability, scalability, security, audibility, and responsiveness from our services.

Provide impressive cost effectiveness

At iDETIKA, we provide transaction costs that are significantly lower than the market average. Our proprietary software architecture and top-of-the-line infrastructure allow us to achieve record-low procurement and operating costs while maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity.

Our systems are specifically designed for multiple-business, multiple-brand, and multiple-asset operations, featuring partitioning and complete data segregation and protection mechanisms, which contribute to our cost-efficiency.

Leadership in Big Data

Transform your business into a responsive entity that can adapt to changing environments and capitalise on opportunities with ease. According to Forrester, many companies are only utilising a mere 15% of the data generated by their business environment.

With the aid of modern technology, you can economically analyse all touchpoints of your business and generate valuable insights that can enhance your bottom line. Discover the potential of your business today.

Deliver scalability without spiralling costs

Our team at Idetika has spent decades developing and perfecting distributed systems with scale and integrity. We understand that it's not a skill that can be learned in just one project. That's why we've brought our expertise to your business through the IP we've developed with our combined knowledge.

Our existing operating architecture is linearly scalable, meaning as your business grows, your IT costs will grow in a linear proportion. This is different from other market solutions, which often result in an exponential rise in costs as your business expands.

Business Environment - Domain experts

iDETIKA is a company that specializes in developing and operating distributed transaction processing systems for various applications such as Transport, Logistics, Health, Financial Services, and Infrastructure Development. Our approach focuses on providing low-cost, highly scalable, and reliable solutions.

Our team has extensive knowledge of your business domain, providing you with a unique advantage. We offer solutions to manage logistics across the country, track the status of distributed assets, handle work processes across multiple teams and sites, and facilitate financial transactions ranging from a thousand to millions per day while maintaining total integrity and control. Regardless of your structural complexity, we have a tailored solution to fit your business needs.

Our Expertise

Our team has extensive experience in all the customer domains we target. We are well-versed in various solutions and hold exclusive Intellectual Property (IP) in the following areas

Software Programmer
  • Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS)

  • Route and Driver Compliance Systems

  • Road User Charging Management Systems

  • Networked Parking Management Systems

  • Freight Logistics Management

  • Streaming Analytics Platforms

  • Revenue Management and Billing Systems

  • Clinician process support systems

  • Distributed Asset Management and Control Systems

  • Networked Data Collection, Analytics and Surveillance Tools

  • Corporate Realtime Information Systems

Digital Twin
Image by Javier  García

Idetika has already proven the worth of our digital twin approach in the Australian Motorway industry. Today, we are simulating the aerodynamic environment of the air mass inside Motorway tunnels, along with the traffic expected to use the tunnel, all of the devices in the tunnel to control the airflow (fans, dampers, sensors etc), and the control system itself. By joining these simulations together we run a model of the tunnel to prove the control system algorithms before they are built and committed to; use the model to tune the system across all expected scenarios, and give all stakeholders a high degree of comfort that the complex system is going to work as expected and will be stable. We have proven our simulations are very close to reality, to the extent we have saved our Clients a lot of money by not having to conduct extended trials of the emerging control system on the physical tunnel environment which comes at a high cost with the traffic closures involved.


This technology is now being on-developed to offer our clients Procedural Trainers which allow the Operators to practice operating procedures in the face of life-threatening incidents in a tunnel environment.


By extending the simulations across all of the Plant systems in the tunnels including emergency lighting, hydraulic pumping systems, fire detection and control, we not only extend the range of competency of the procedural trainers, but provide a comprehensive tool for systems integration of the control system itself as it is being developed. This will dramatically reduce the time taken to integrate and prove the control systems software and provide highly reliable systems for our Clients.

Software Architecture

Software Architecture

All Idetika Software architecture is based on the following principles as applicable:

  • always multi-business, multi-asset, multi-brand capable;

  • class leading auditability, reconcilability, traceability and non-repudiation (proof) principles;

  • class-leading security;

  • linear scalability (unit cost and responsiveness do not drop off with growth);

  • may be geographically dispersed and integrity maintained;

  • 99.999% availability of system;

  • game changing lowest cost with highest availability and integrity;

  • an emphasis on complete automation where feasible.

Night Shift at Office
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Intellectual Property

Our growing arsenal of Intellectual Property developed on the above principles allows us to readily add value to your business. 

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We would love to provide you with further information about our solutions and address any inquiries you may have. Feel free to ask us anything!

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