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Digital Twin - what is all the buzz about

Some explanation of the term "Digital Twin" - this is a new buzz-phrase but an explosive one, and one that very much relates to what Idetika is already successful in.

If you are responsible for designing and/or building any complex system today ( a city, a complex medical operation, a new Motorway, a new high-rise building, a new automobile), your design needs to be optimised and proven to be so, to show the solution is the best we can do in terms of efficiency, sustainability, risk mitigation for conceivable events, safety, predictability, and integrity. If you think about each of these terms, and what each means for you as a sponsor of a new system, you will realise the power of a digital twin of your development.

Not only will a Digital twin allow you to explore during the design phase, which is the key element of optimisation (ie try different scenarios, observe the results, and modify the design accordingly towards the best outcome), it can be your partner to explore enhancements throughout the life of a system by trialling changes enabled by emerging technology.

"Only build what you have proven in a simulation" is the Idetika motto.

As a real-world example and success story, Idetika has created a highly parameterised Digital Twin of several Motorways in Australia, both Tunnel and Surface Works, with complex simulations of the aerodynamic environment in the tunnel, traffic mixes passing through it, environmental factors and simulations of the suite of Tunnel plant and Traffic control devices throughout the motorway. This Digital twin of the Motorway has been used to optimise and validate the control systems operating a Motorway during the design phase, and to fully verify the control system software before any site testing is conducted.

The highly valuable Idetika Motorway Twin (RoadRanger) has saved many hundreds of $1000 in actual testing time on Motorway implementations, and demonstrated realism of the simulation to within a few percent of actual conditions on the live Motorway. This is only the start of the value chain with the Idetika Simulation suite, as it is expected to be used in future control systems to increase the system integrity by replacement values on major failures, and also to act as a realtime Procedural Trainer for Motorway Operators when training in processes to manage major Incidents including fires.


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